Reiki - Japanese for Supernatural Power

In my time I have received energetic healing treatment from a gifted Pranic healer, the Light Staff of MSIA, a 14th generation Dao Yin Chi Gong Master and most recently a Reiki Master trained in Japan. Enormously powerful and beneficial. I would not be able to do what I do without it. As I transition from high intensity athletics to a more sedate pace, the universe has once again directed me to a teacher for guidance. I commence Reiki training for self-treatment and betterment. I am not a Reiki practitioner at this time.


One of my stories used to be..."It's hard to meditate in the morning when the time trial bike is calling." 


I now meditate...60-90 minutes including self-Reiki treatment. 


I have been receiving and giving healing all my adult life, my path crossing that of several masters...this Reiki Master's use of the Aura-soma colour/crystal/essential oil palette revealing character, purpose & destiny, facilitates the Reiki journey. I am in awe of the authenticity and intensity of the experience this Reiki Master takes her students on.


A highly recommended experience. Two days instruction, meditation and four initiations/attunements, incorporating Aura-Soma. Maximum class size two students. Tuition includes two Reiki treatments conducted prior to the training. The Reiki Master is Japanese speaking and trained in Japan 20 years ago. Her lineage is four steps removed from the founder Dr Mikao Usui. This is likely to be the closest in this country to the original Japanese discipline and ethos of Reiki.

Note: She no longer practices in Emerald, Victoria, having moved to Launceston, Tasmania.