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Wholistic Massage Therapy

Alleviating Stress and Anxiety

Promoting Well Being and Longevity

The physical facilitates the emotional. Tension blocks energy/Qi flow affecting circulation…leading to stagnation and pain. Rhythmic massage softens physical tightness, reduces blood pressure, activates the parasympathetic nervous system enabling energy to move once again. Energy and emotion are tied together residing in our physical being. Good energy from positive experience buoys us up. Bad energy from trauma is black, heavy and needs to be cleared.

The most fundamental technique in massage is placing a hand on the body. Hold for a prolonged period of time with gentle steady pressure and you will find the flesh and joints beneath that hand soften. I often turn it into a directed relaxation exercise with cues to soften the eyes and jaw, and breathe. Just be and do. No need to try. Just do and trust. Under the influence of pressure, warmth and energy of the hand, tension clears and activates the energetic centre together with your focus and breath at work. Deep meditative states can be achieved leading to cathartic release. There may be one or several involuntary twitches about the body or limbs as energy associated with historic trauma is released. In rare instances this looks like powerful, loud and violent spasms through the torso. This intensity is unusual and can be frightening but it is important to go with it and allow it to vent. As the therapist I not only hold and support physically, but also with intention. In my experience, these highly charged reactions are not repeated in subsequent sessions. It is no longer necessary…you will find the underlying heaviness associated with that episode is gone.

Resistance to dropping into a parasympathetic state may be overcome working through the Sacrum…a more direct connection to the nervous system. Introducing concepts of Craniosacral Therapy combined with The Heart Story give advanced insights to emotional effects on the body and nervous system. It is all intertwined. The neural pathways, physical sinews, energy/Qi and emotion play out together. Craniosacral therapy in greater or lesser amounts looks like being held and meditation. A more dynamic description includes encountering the Cranial Rhythm and the most gentle and subtle releases through the cranial bones and sutures carried out in conjunction with the Rhythm. It is largely about stillness and clearing energetic restriction through the skull, brain and spine. It is a journey and no two pathways look alike.

On occasion, a high degree of relaxation is difficult for some to achieve. Prescribed psychiatric medication or other drugs can have inhibiting effects on the nervous system reducing response. Others are simply too wound up, their minds a seething vortex of thought, emotion and energy. A Traditional Chinese doctor might diagnose a Kidney Yin deficiency which allows Heart Fire to erupt making the mind race. Herbal treatment can balance this. Multiple sessions of massage and/or other centering and grounding activity may be necessary before going deeply parasympathetic. Being permanently switched on is a problem in the modern world overstimulated by pressures of family, work, media, personal communication devices and dense populations in the urban environ.

This work can be supplemented with energetic healing treatment like Reiki or Pranic Healing. While I have experience and training in these methods too, it is not a part of my practice but does enhance insight and ability I bring to the treatment table. From time to time the Reiki spirit does flow drowning out all other perception until it subsides. My work continues drawing me to clearing physical and postural anomalies that are impediments to comfort and happiness. The impact of a short leg on the pelvis generates an energetic block affecting mobility, internal health, and vitality…energetic flow through the six organ channels of the lower limbs is inhibited, the primary Du and Ren meridians are similarly inhibited and lower overall Chakra vitality. This is surprisingly common. Restrictions at a hip or shoulder generate chronic and acutely painful conditions in arms and legs by the principle a proximal energetic block has a distal effect. Typically, no amount of energetic healing or acupuncture overcomes impediments of this nature. What I am saying is there can be physical conditions that must be addressed before more subtle energetic nuances can be fully appreciated or, in some cases, achieved at all.

I am honoured by those choosing to consult me exploring this journey for the trust they place in me. All my life experience to this time as a child and adult, athlete, academic, worker, son, brother, husband, father, traveller and student of life has been necessary and prepared me for what I do now. Thankyou

Simon Crittenden

Remedial Massage Therapist

Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia

mbl 0416 268 255

Relaxation Massage Treatment Outline…this does not do it justice. It will usually take multiple sessions to work through the process...changing the order or omitting aspects altogether depending on priorities and characteristics:

• Massage for Face and Cranium…preparing to Receive

• Meditative Relaxation Massage for the Body…incorporating Swedish Method

• Acupressure Points, Compression Areas

• Fascial Release of Deep Holding Patterns through Torso, Hips and Shoulders

• Diaphragm Release & Vagus Nerve Activation

• The Heart Story and Craniosacral Therapy

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