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The Heart Story

"Scans revealed no damage and never will do...scans cannot show a "broken" heart."


The Heart is all about joy and happiness. When we are joyful, Heart Chi flows full and unhindered. When we have a bad day or lose one close to us or hate our job or any number of emotionally traumatic events that cause unhappiness, the flow of Heart Chi is blocked. We are all human, we are all affected by this condition to one degree or another.


When Chi flow is blocked, tightness and pain result. This can occur due to injury, overuse, poor posture, exposure to adverse weather conditions, nutritional deficiency or excess and, in this case, emotional trauma. Chinese medical philosophy holds that each organ of the body is associated with a particular emotion. Fear affects the Kidneys, Grief the Lungs, Worry the Stomach, Anger the Liver and Joy the Heart.


Blocked Heart Chi results in tightening and thickening of tissue in the chest directly over the Heart and behind the left shoulder blade. In turn, this tightness in the chest blocks Chi flow to musculature that inserts to the ribs; Pec Minor and the Scalenes on the left side become unduly tight. Rotation and upward tilt of the head to the right will be restricted.


In most cases, individuals will be unaware of any restricted movement and chest tightness until it is actively demonstrated to them. Simply running a thumb throught the thick and tight tissues over the heart and contrasting it with the opposite side clearly shows the difference. It seems counter intuitive that musculature on the dominant right side is not as dense and tight as the non-dominant left side, but it will feel dramatically thinner and looser.


The affect of tightness in the chest on the shoulder and neck also extends higher. Craniosacral therapists report the left side of the cranium is rigid in comparison to the right. Clients exclaiming the left side of their head feels as though it has enlarged or ballooned after craniosacral release and sensation of numbness relieved.


Unsurprisingly, women are more affected by conditions brought on by the heart story than, by and large, being less emotionally connected. It is a fact more women suffer frozen shoulder than men due to Kidney Chi deficiency/depletion following childbirth affecting bones & drying joints. However, owing to the affect of blocked Heart Chi, I am willing to bet it is predominantly the left shoulder.


Clearing blocked Heart Chi can have a powerful affect. A sense of weight being lifted off the chest. Tightness in Pec Minor and the Scalenes will be reduced. High levels of relaxation are experienced. Some report being "off with the fairies" for several days after this treatment.


Acute emotional trauma can result in high levels of pain and restriction. I have seen several cases where symptoms affecting the left shoulder and neck had medical practitioners baffled. There was no apparent reason for it, yet patients were experiencing pain and dysfunction. Scans revealed no damage and never will do...scans cannot show a "broken" heart. Massage to clear thickness and tightness in the chest over the heart provides immediate but temporary relief. Until circumstances causing unhappiness are resolved, symptoms will return.

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