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Matthew O'Donohue, True Local, Dec 2017 - As a keen golfer I need my back to be loose. Simon has been great for me, with regular massaging and cupping proving to be very effective. He has also had great success with my tight calves, I especially have noticed significant improvements since he has incorporated some Thai techniques.  5 Stars


Glenn Woodford, Facebook, 1 Dec 17 - I went to see Simon for some Craniosacral work, when he was located close to me in South Melbourne. Originally, this was during a rough period when I was experiencing headaches and neck problems, related to stress and gallbladder channel energy flow blockage. Simon's knowledge of the body was exceptional and he was able to not only assist with this but also helped me to understand how it fitted with the larger picture of tension stored in my body. I was able to release a good portion of this deep seated tension over subsequent visits and my headaches stopped coming. I'm sad to see him move away from my area and I highly recommend him as a practitioner. My loss is your gain, if you are in the Dandenong Ranges!  5 Stars

Greg Sebire, Google+ (SImon Crittenden), Dec 2017 - I have been using Simon’s remarkable massage skills for over two years. Like most people who have had an extensive sporting career I have tried many forms of therapy. Simon is extremely knowledgeable- has fantastic hands and his studio is always a peaceful haven and I walk away feeling 10 years younger after he has done his thing. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and competent masseur who has a holistic approach to his craft Simon is your man.  5 Stars


Bostoq   The best sports massage therapist I have ever experienced. Simon was born with the gift of healing hands. I have a very active lifestyle and require remedial/sports massage on a regular basis, and after many years of being treated by sub-par therapists I was lucky enough to stumble upon Simon. He’s an expert in his line of work and has exceptional skills in shoulder and lower back injuries as I have experienced both in the past two years. Simon provides a very clean and professional service, with coconut being his preferred choice of oil. An added bonus is that I can claim his remedial massage service through my private health insurance.   March 2016

T Lewis   I have seen many remedial and sports massage therapists in my life, and I rate Simon as the best so far. Excellent knowledge and technique, and really intuitive around underlying issues and how to treat them. He is generous with his time and sharing of great knowledge around wellbeing generally. Excellent and highly recommended.   March 2016

PDalby   I was referred to Simon by a work colleague because [of] extreme neck pain and very little movement in this area. I've had back and neck problems over the past 20 years, seeking advice and treatment from various spinal experts. These have ranged from traditional Chiropractic care, through to Prolotherapy and more recently Networking, but no one has been able to give me the movement or pain relief I now experience. I believe Simon's approach is holistic and very sensitive to each individuals need. He is extremely professional and open to all types of treatments. Simon has improved my neck movement and helped with pain relief, more than any other spinal expert I've seen to date. Thank you Simon for all your help, direction and advice. Regards, Peter Dalby  January 2015

fiam73   Best massage you can get on the East coast! I have lived in Sydney, Brisbane and now Melbourne and with back problems from an old car accident I can tell you Simon really is the best. Highly recommend.   2014

Lisa massage 123   Being a Remedial Massage Therapist myself you may think that I am very particular in whom I see for a massage treatment. Yes I am! As well as addressing my niggles, I feel fantastic, relaxed and revived after receiving a Massage treatment from Simon. The masseurs Masseur!!   2014

Daniel108    Simply brilliant. Don't hesitate to book with Simon, a true professional and exceptionally good at his craft of massage. I read all the reviews here and decided to give him a try and never looked back. I always leave a massage with all the pain treated, with the right level of strength and pressure on all the sore areas, and feel completely refreshed to face the world again. Book, you won't regret it.  26 Sep 2013

Richard7   Started using Simon's services about 3 years ago. Initial visits were for various aches and pains associated with long periods at a desk and regular gym sessions. More recently Simon has assisted with healing an achilles tendon issue sustained prior to walking the Kokoda track. Simon has brought a level of treatment and genuine interest and concern that has exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend his services.  17 Jul 2013


HayleyDesign    Can not give Simon enough praise. As a graphic designer I had constant shoulder pain from working on the computer all day. Physiotherapy did little to ease the pain & tension. I tried Simon as a last resort and I am so glad I did. He succeeded where others had failed.  27 Feb 2013


Jodie AM   As a 45 year old training for the sport of Ironman triathlon, regular massage is an important part of my preparation. Over the past 15 months, Simon Crittenden has played an integral part in helping me remain injury free. His thoughtful diagnostic approach, ensures he always assesses what I need and focuses on those areas. He deals with any minor niggles to ensure they never progress into full blown injuries. Simon does a fabulous job to ensure I am able to make every training session. Simon's understanding of anatomy and biomechanics means he is able to quickly and accurately pin point the source of any pain and work to alleviate this. So many little touches add to a positive experience the reminder SMS, the soothing music, an abundance of fresh fluffy white towels and the immaculately clean massage room. During winter, the room is always toasty warm. Thanks Simon for all your help in making me the best athlete I can be.  27 Sep 2012


Rohan J Reid   Simon has been a godsend, as a 20+year, full time athlete and 2x Mr Australia, my visits to Simon have helped me take my training and body to a place that I never imagined I could. He can sure do all the relaxation and Lymph drainage, but where the real talent lays is finding someone that knows just the right amount of pressure, and where to put it, to release a muscle. Simon doesn't work with his ego, just to show off how much he can hurt you, he really knows how to produce a result to leave you feeling much better, call him today you'll thank me for it.  18 Sep 2012


Jaime777   Best masseur in Melbourne. You have to try for yourself and you will not be disappointed. Professional, friendly and effective. A must.  1 Feb 2012


Christopher Black   Finally ... a massage guy who can fix me!  I stopped bike racing 5 years ago partially because I could not shake lower back cramping. Numerous folks advised to strengthen core; but it never helped. 
When I started recreationally exercising again a bit over a year ago, all the back pain returned. On a whim I tried Simon, he identified the problem and fixed it in 2 sessions; I have a new found enjoyment of training. 
He is the first sports massage guy who is able to fix my muscular aches and alignment as well as flush my muscles. I do my best to break down my body now in training, and Simon does the fixing that keeps me healthy. Whole heartedly recommend.  27 Jan 2012


Fabrice421   Absolutely the best massage I've had. Simon clearly knows what he's doing and you know straight away that you're in the hands of someone who truly cares about doing a great job and is passionate about what they do. It's also great value for money. Very highly recommended.  19 Jul 2010