The Home Based Clinic - Cockatoo, Victoria

Massage Works Dandenong Ranges is a home based massage clinic located in the loft, Cockatoo, Victoria. Robust staircase leads to an air-conditioned room with hardwood floor and adjoining bathroom, view of neighbouring camelias and eucalypts. Outside, it's a work in progress, steps to entrance cut and in place but will not be dug in until water tank delivered and installed down the back. Yucca plants brought in from Bendigo at their station to the right awaiting re-potting. Laundry beneath the loft plumbed and wired for washer and drier plus a clothes line bolted to the busiest, 100 towels have been washed in a week...I love my Fisher-Paykel. Refrigerator for cold drinks and dishwasher for cleaning Chinese cups used in treatment sessions. Sturdy steel frame power lift massage table covered in new blue vinyl. I have never had it so good. The best work space in my twelve years in the massage profession.

Massage Works Dandenong Ranges

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Contact Info
Simon Crittenden
18 First Avenue
Cockatoo VIC 3781
mbl  0416 268 255
Vitality Health
282 Richardson Street
Middle Park VIC 3206
ph (03) 9682 8866
mbl 0416 268 255