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Treatment Expectations

There are many misconceptions about massage therapy. A common expectation would seem to be that it is just a whole lot of blissful rubbing. Yes, I can do that..."It was truly the best massage and treatment I’ve ever had. I felt like I was on another planet (in an amazing way) when done. I look forward to my next session!"

However, as a therapeutic practitioner, if someone starts pointing to various parts of their anatomy describing chronic pain, dysfunction and injury...and trust me, this is the norm...they will get more than just a bit of rubbing. Assessment and the full extent of my knowledge and insight will be brought to bear.

Initial treatment sessions can be of an extended duration. Assessment is not necessarily time consuming. It is more the time needed to verify, describe and demonstrate to the client. The fusion of East and West I practice incorporates knowledge of energetic Qi flow and its effects on the body. In a large number of cases a structural leg length discrepancy is contributing to the condition. It is simple but sometimes baffling to those not familiar with these ideas. Every case is different, it is not common knowledge and it is unknown to the therapeutic community generally.

Treatment will initially focus on acute aspects of the condition. This can be disappointing to those who are expecting blissful rubbing. That can come later but should someone present with chronic low back pain from pelvic tilt, tight upper back and shoulder with headaches from mild scoliosis, or be experiencing lower limb gluteal, hamstring, calf, achilles or plantar fascia issues, or Repetitive Strain Injury in the forearm and elbow, or Carpal Tunnel in the wrist and hand...I have effective treatments for these conditions. Often achieving rapid resolution with outcomes beyond expectation attending to structural and postural anomalies impacting energetic Qi flow.

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