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The Nature and Specifics of Energetic Blockage/Inhibition

Chronic physical stress on the soft tissue of the pelvis and lumbar spine caused by a leg length difference inhibits energetic flow in three ways. Firstly, Qi flow in the Du and Ren Meridians and vitality of the Root, Sacral and Plexus Chakras is inhibited. Secondly, Qi flow in the organ channels for the Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Stomach, Spleen, Liver and Gall Bladder passing through the pelvic region to and from the lower limbs is inhibited. Thirdly, flow of protective Wei Qi to the lower limbs through the connective tissue around muscles and bones is similarly inhibited. 

Second Order Definition - Metabolic Health


Where energetic flow is inhibited or blocked due to postural anomalies, overwork, injury, attacking pathogens (cold, heat, wind, dampness) or emotional factors that can have an adverse effect on metabolic health. Assessment and treatment of internal health conditions is beyond my scope of practice.


Second Order Energetic Effects

I have been observing Short Right Leg Syndrome (SRLS) for seven years and have only just become aware of a phenomenon I tentatively describe as the Second Order Energetic Effect. To this time, examination and treatment focused on obvious dysfunction, pain and injury down the backline of the lower limbs affecting mobility due to postural anomalies causing an energetic block at the SIJ and lumbro-sacral region...this is the First Order. However, clients are unexpectedly reporting improved digestion and increased vitality after commencing use of an adjusting heel lift. I too have experienced the same. I now consider there is an energetic block restricting Qi flow in the organ channels to the lower limbs and generally through the lower abdominal area due to soft tissue stress and tightness through the pelvis imposed on it by SRLS affecting metabolic health...this is the Second Order. For the purpose of staying within the scope of practice for which I am qualified to assess and treat, I differentiate between First and Second Order effects.


It is a fundamental principle of Traditional Chinese Medical philosophy tightness in the soft tissue blocks energetic flow. Hence, it is reasonable to expect energetic flow through the organ channels passing through the pelvis to the lower limbs of the body will be affected. These are the Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Spleen meridians. Inhibiting Qi flow in these meridians will have a subtle or not so subtle negative effect on digestive health and vitality.


From another perspective, energetic centres at the Root, Sacral and Plexus Chakras are located in the lower torso. The vitality of these centres too is being inhibited with a detrimental effect on health and vitality. I have personally experienced this, measured it with a Healy resonance treatment device and had a Reiki Master comment on it.

The central Du and Ren meridians also pass through the pelvis and lumbro-sacral region. The stress of a tilted pelvis on the soft tissue of the lumbar region in particular and the spine generally will impact negatively on Qi flow in these channels. I am not a Guru able to speak with authority on this but I expect there is a link between this and Chakra vitality.


I have a short right leg. I have been experiencing symptoms of Kidney Yin Deficiency since my teens and treated for it by TCM practitioners since the age of 23. It was suggested by one practitioner it is a congenital condition. I suggest it may also be due to the effect of SRLS.


Owing to the Pendulum Effect causing rigidity at the right hip, there is a sidedness to this phenomena in the cases I have sighted. Circulation issues are more common in the right leg than the left. I cannot yet place too much importance on this observation because case numbers examined so far are limited. However, it is clear the Bladder Meridian passing through the right side lumbar and hip region in a circuitous manner can be strangled by the rigidity and tightness of the Second Cardinal Sign and have an adverse effect on Kidney health.


In low level cases of SRLS with no compounding lumbro-sacral injury factors, individuals manage just fine but possibly with less than ideal health; eg, my Kidney Yin Deficiency condition. However, either through advancing age, reduced mobility and flexibility or where there are compounding factors, major debilitating symptoms develop potentially restricting mobility and vitality accompanied by painful lower limb symptoms, circulation and fluid retention issues, and potentially a raft of digestive and health complaints. It is complex and one really needs to be a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner to fully appreciate the ramifications of the condition.


It may be coincidental, but apart from improved lower limb function and reduced back pain, A correlation between commencing heel lift treatment for SRLS and improved digestion and vitality has been observed. It would appear to be a beneficial side effect. If digestive health can be affected in this way, I would hypothesise fertility and gynaecological health may be too. It is beyond my scope of practice to consider diagnosing and treating internal health conditions.


First published 18 May 2021 at

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