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Leg Length Discrepancy and Pelvic Block

Insert words describing Functional vs Structural Leg Length Discrepancy. 


It is little known structural leg length discrepancy is common. The vast majority of clients assessed in my practice fall into the range of a 10mm (+/-5mm) structural discrepancy. The right leg being shorter than the left. Cases outside this range are uncommon. I consider a 15mm discrepancy high range and significant symptoms will usually be experienced. I have sighted a handful of cases in the 20 to 25mm range. The largest sighted I estimate was 35mm and had been experiencing symptoms since childhood, had consulted Medical Doctors and Specialists and had never been examined for leg length discrepancy. He did not know he had a short right leg. Even or near even leg length is rare. In the eight years I have been examining structural leg length, only four short left leg cases have been sighted. Three of these suffered major injury to the left leg as a child which possibly stunted growth of the limb. A structurally short right leg is a dominant genetic trait in Homo Sapiens.


Structural leg length discrepancy contributes directly through biomechanical strain to lumbar pain and injury through pelvic tilt, and mild spinal scoliosis.


Chronic soft tissue strain from the postural anomaly of a tilted pelvis generates an energetic Qi flow block through the pelvis. This is aggravated by lumbro-sacral injury. I call this the "Pelvic Block". It impacts both the mobility of the lower limbs and spine, and internal health. Clients undergoing heel lift treatment frequently reporting coincidental beneficial side effects to digestion and kidney function. 


The mechanism by which the Pelvic Block affects internal health is inhibiting energetic Qi flow through the organ channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine...six of which travel through the Pelvis to the lower limbs...affecting digestive and reproductive organs, and kidneys. Energetic Qi flow in the central Du and Ren meridians that circulate up the back and down the front of the torso is similarly inhibited by the pelvic block. Energetic vitality in the lower three Chakra energy centres is inhibited.

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